How Do You Döner?

At The Kebab Shop, you’re allowed, encouraged actually, to get creative! You could have a different Döner every day of the year because of all the options we offer for making your Döner exactly the way you want it! Below are some of the combinations that our customers have submitted. Do you have a combination that you want to share? Enter it in the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll consider it for this list!

Our Customer’s Favorite Döner Combinations

  • Chicken Döner, add hummus, sub dill dressing
  • Lamb/Beef Döner, add fries, no salad mix
  • Chicken, add spicy hummus, and fries!!!
  • Chicken Kebab Döner, add saffron rice and feta cheese… “Rachel K.”
  • Lamb/Beef Döner Box, add Fries, Extra Spicy. Mix it up, get a fork and ATTACK! “TKS Customer”
  • Salmon Döner, Ez Garlic Yogurt Sauce, Ez Spicy… “TKS Customer”
  • Chicken Kebab Döner, add Fries, add hummus, Ez GYS… So Fresh and Tasty! “John M.”
  • Lamb/Beef Döner add Chicken Kebab Skewer, add Spicy hummus, add Feta, Salad Mix and Sub Dill Dressing. “Ronald J.”

How Do You Döner

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